Many older bathtubs become worn-out and also the finish will get scratched and ugly searching with time. Older bathtubs may also be odd colored with colors that aren’t in fashion. Replacing a bathtub is definitely an costly, time intensive project that needs ripping out servings of your wall to get rid of that old bathtub. Getting your bathtub refinished eliminates this pricey and untidy tear out procedure and you’ll have a new searching bathtub in under each day.

There are several difficulties with refinished bathtubs that may occur when recaulking a refinished bathtub. The epoxy coating that’s put on a refinished bathtub isn’t as durable because the original baked on finish that’s put on new spa bathtub. Therefore taking out the old caulk from the refinished bathtub could be a difficult procedure to complete with no damage to the bathtubs epoxy finish.

Frequently occasions caulk that’s applied following the bathtub is refinished isn’t a top quality 100% silicone caulk which caulk could possibly get black and moldy inside a short time. Also there are various grades of epoxy finish that may be put on a bathtub. Some cheap epoxy finishes aren’t very durable and may be easily scratched and chipped away. Also many cheap epoxy bathtub finishes will peel away once the caulk is pull from the refinished bathtub.

It requires lots of skill and persistence to get rid of old caulk from the refinished bathtub with no damage to the epoxy finish. It’s nonetheless still essential to take away the old caulk before installing new caulk when recaulking a bathtub. You won’t ever would like to apply new caulk over old caulk when you are performing any type of recaulking procedure. Also you don’t would like to leave black moldy caulk in your bathtub because this looks ugly and also the mold can make health issues for the family and pets.

When removing old caulk from the refinished bathtub you need to first make use of a utility knife to chop with the old caulk. The utility knife ought to be angled in order that it only scratches the part of the bathtub where new caulk is going to be applied. Utilizing a utility knife by doing this will turn it into a lot simpler to get rid of the caulk that’s connected to the refinished bathtubs surface.

After cutting with the caulk using the utility knife then you need to make use of a window scraper tool to softly eliminate the caulk that’s connected to the bathtub. You need to use gentle movements using the window scraper and just eliminate that old dirty moldy caulk and don’t reduce the refinished bathtub. Frequently occasions the underside layer of caulk is going to be permanently connected to the bathtubs epoxy finish and you might want to leave this layer of caulking there.