The Elevator that Reads the Business News to You on Your Way Up?

Previously, there was an award winning ad where a gentleman reading the particular Wall Street Journal was on an lift in a large company. Everytime the elevator stopped a lot more employees would get off, right up until there was no one left yet him. He finally for good the elevator on the Exec Suite Floor, while looking at his Wall Street Journal. Suggesting in which those who read the Wall Street Journal will be the most successful in business and seeing the greatest upward mobility. Properly it looks as if this cute little storyline just be a bit more real.

The Wsj will now be heard since business news on lifts instead of elevator music. This can be a new program being create with OMN Office Mass media Network, where the Wall Street Journal as well available for all to hear in certain high-rise office buildings. Yes, you will enjoy a dose of enterprise related advertising as well to purchase it.

Alternative media advertising and marketing has come a long way in recent years, generally due to the fact that there is much more levels of competition in the market place with World wide web advertising. The Wall Street Journal’s targets are simple, they want to become your source for finance in business. Together with Bloomberg, MSNBC, CNBC, He Business News, Financial Periods, Investor’s Business Daily and also Online Business News, it makes sense the Wall Street Journal wants to stay aggressive. Perhaps this new venue may possibly indeed be the perfect service just that.

How soon may these elevator news devices hit the market? It appears in some check markets they already have, but you can assume them in every major PEOPLE Downtown Market by yrs end in at least some of the taller high-rise business buildings the thing is. Ride the elevator get a news brief on your way in the World. Now that is amazing advertising!

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